If you came here, you are most likely wanting to gain access to vnc. The process is not very difficult:

  1. Open your shell and type acquirevnc. This will automatically give you a port number. Note this down.
  2. The script will also prompt you to give a password. Follow the on-screen prompts, and note this password down, preferably in a password manager.
  3. Install a VNC client on your local machine. The client for tigervnc is recommended.


  1. Forward the port to your local machine. To do this, run ssh -L xxxx:localhost:xxxx -f -N -C on your local machine every time before you connect to your vnc. Replace username with your username and xxxx with your port nummber.
  2. Connect to localhost:xxxx in your vnc client, where xxxx is your port number.
  3. Type in your password you chose earlier when prompted.

Starting VNC Server

You normally should not need to start your vnc server, as the acquirevnc script starts your server for you. However, in the unlikely case of a server reboot or a vnc crash, all you need to do is run startvnc and vnc will begin in the background.


While the process is designed to be as easy as possible, it is easy to trip up. For help, jump in our IRC channel on in channel #thunix.