man(8)" man(8)

NAME - a public web based source repository for the tildeverse


DESCRIPTION Tildegit is a web based source control system available for the tildeverse, that runs gitea. Thunix uses for all source control.

   The following git repos are used:

   * ansible ( This repo stores the configuration spec for all machines comprising Thunix.  The repo consists of declarative YAML
   files that describes the state the machines should be in.

   * www ( This repo stores the source code that makes up the https:/ website.  It's mostly php.

   * documentation ( This repo stores the man pages, and accompanying documentation for the system.

   * thunix_gopher ( This repo houses our gopher hole

SEE ALSO git(8), ansible(8)

BUGS No known bugs.

AUTHOR Uber Geek (

1.2 24 May 2019 man(8)